A Conversation Can Save a Life: The Big Ask/The Big Give

It is an important gift to sign up as an organ donor – many lives will be impacted by that choice. But, as the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) notes, why wait?  You can become a living kidney donor right now.

100,000 Americans are waiting for a kidney transplant but only 18,000 will get a one this year.  The NKF hopes to improve these numbers through The Big Ask: The Big Give Campaign (https://www.kidney.org/transplantation/livingdonors). This campaign provides resources for kidney patients to have the conversation about living donation with friends and loved ones.

In addition, the campaign provides information for potential donors as well as video testimonials from people who have donated–family members, friends, acquaintances and altruistic donors–and transplant recipients. These testimonials are candid and cover all aspects of the process from the emotions from dealing with kidney disease and dialysis to the transplant procedure, the work up and approval process, and recovery for the donor and recipient.

It is a Big Ask – but hopefully this information will spur someone to make The Big Give.

While it is a big decision to donate a kidney, living donors can save lives. If you think it might be something that you are interested in, you can best help us by calling us at 770-310-2426 for info to do a 15-minute phone screening on being a living donor. You can also call the St. Luke’s Transplant Department directly to do the screening at 832-355-4100.  Just tell them your planned recipient is Dominique (Nikki) Brooks.  They will ask for my birth year, which is 1967.

Be Inspired — Give Life!

Dominique (Nikki) Brooks

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