It’s My Transplantiversary!


Or my Kidneyversary? Or something – it’s Number 4!

It has been 4 years since I had my kidney transplant!

Last year was weird with the lockdown and all but this year has been strange in a different way. While we had vaccines that lowered the risk of infection somewhat, we continued to have frequent outbreaks with new variants. Plenty of opportunities for infection…

The fear of catching COVID that was raging last year is down to a bonfire – but for me, I am still pretty nervous! The meds that I take make me immunosuppressed so I am one of those high-risk folks you hear about! And although I am fully vaccinated and boosted, I still spend an inordinate amount of time in the house. The pandemic is still affecting our lives and activities…

For example, I had hoped to be spending this Christmas holiday with my mother-in-law in Mexico but ugh! COVID surges!

With the rapid and overwhelming increase in the omicron variant and the fact that fully vaccinated and boosted folks still have a small chance of catching it…the risk seemed unreasonable for me.

We have rescheduled for spring break – hopefully, there will be a lull in the infection rate by then.

Everyone, stay safe!

Kidney News

At the Blood Lab — ROLL TIDE!

NOTHING! It’s still doing what it’s supposed to so yea!

It’s still nerve-wracking to get my blood drawn—I guess that will always be the case. But so far so good! Water is my friend! I have to drink bottles and bottles and bottles each day.

The Year in Review

A lot of this year revolves around COVID – avoiding infection, finding a vaccine (remember when it was hard to get one?), reading and learning about the virus and its family members, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

So travel this year has been limited – we did go pick up our son from his first year of college in Miami. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to just enjoy all that Miami has to offer. hopefully, next year we will be able to go down for a parents’ weekend or something!

Oh, to get back to college, we put him on a plane. LOL

We — my husband and I — also did go to Mexico for a company trip/20-year anniversary celebration in September. The infection rate hadn’t ramped up yet and we decided that we would avoid big groups and eat in our room a lot. It was nice relaxing with each other for a few days.

In Mexico

Oh yeah,  we have been married for 20 years!

Here’s to many more!

Biz News

I still have my blogs:

Rebooted Mom MD

Life: The Reboot

Homestead Living Tips (new)

But I also have some new stuff coming down the pipeline!

I am self-publishing my first fiction novel this year in late March! It’s a romantic suspense novel. I am working on finishing touches — covers, finalizing the title, etc. It is very exciting!

I will have a website — it’s not done so I will share the link and more information about my novel on this blog soon!

I also still have products in my 3 shops — check them out if you are looking for planners, eBooks, calendars, or other printables:

LTRPrintables @ Etsy

Life: The Reboot @ Gumroad

Life: The Reboot @ Amazon

The Next Year: 2022

This year was not as productive as I would have liked for various reasons. But I have a lot planned for next year. Staying healthy and keeping my kidney functioning is only part of it! I appreciate your interest in my story and I will keep you updated on my book plans!

Don’t forget, if you know of anyone looking for a donor or if you are looking for a donor, send me some info and I will post it on my page/blog!

Have a happy and safe holiday season – and a happy New Year!



Transplant Check-In: It’s My Third Anniversary!

Year 3!

 I can’t believe it has been 3 years since my kidney transplant! Three years ago, one of the most important events in my life occurred – one that saved my life.

I always am grateful to my donor but I like to give out a special thanks on our anniversary

During 2020 – that miserable year LOL – we have been fortunate to be healthy and safe as we quarantined. My medications haven’t changed this year and my kidney function has remained stable. Blood sugar is borderline but I have to be more aggressive about my workout regimen. Lose a little weight – I started before the pandemic but those quarantine baking sessions took their toll!

She is repping for the Steelers right now but still says the Packers are her favorite football team!

My son has finished the first semester of college and my daughter has started high school online.  That is less than optimal as she has special needs but hopefully next year she will be able to attend in person.

My husband is quarantining with me and working from home. He can’t wait until we can travel again. We look forward to seeing J in Miami one day. I mean next year, Alabama and Miami pay each other in football! It’s a mini-civil war in the Brooks household!


For Goals for 2021:

  • Improve my fitness plan and lose 10 lbs
  • Continue to improve my Etsy Store – did I tell you I have an Etsy Store now?
  • Continue to publish my blogs and better monetize them
  • Do a better job posting on Wanted: A Kidney for Nikki
  • I sent my first novel to be edited so I want to have it published in 2021
  • Start novel number 2
  • Launch a few mini-courses (self-help) through my websites
  • Spend time with my family and hopefully travel again
  • Protect my kidney!

I hope you all have been having a safe and healthy year. Again, if you know of someone looking for a donor or if you are looking for a donor, send me some info and I will post it on my page/blog!

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!



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