Kidney Donors Save Lives

During this journey, I have come in contact with a number of wonderful people!  Many have contacted me and the hospital to learn more about becoming a kidney donor.  But a lot of folks are really unfamiliar with the logistics of donating a kidney. So while I am looking for a donor, I hope to continue to provide some knowledge and educate everyone on the process.

There are three types of living kidney donations: direct donation, paired exchange, and a Good Samaritan donation.

Direct Donation: The donor knows the recipient and the kidney goes directly to them.

Paired Exchange: The donor gives a kidney to one person in exchange for a kidney for their friend or loved one. Typically, this occurs when the donor does not match (e.g. blood type, etc.) their loved one.

Good Samaritan Donation: Here, the donor gives a kidney to a stranger who has a donor that does not match. This initiates a chain of donations and can allow for better matching by the doctors.

Each of these situations show that living donors save lives. You can help by calling us at 770-310-2426 for info to do a 15-minute phone screening on being a living kidney donor.

A living donor candidate is a person who is healthy, well-informed and makes a voluntary decision to donate one of their kidneys. Living donors must be over 18 and in good general health, have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30, a non-smoker, with no evidence of significant high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease or hepatitis.

Thanks for helping us find a living kidney donor.  Please spread the word and/or call us at 770-310-2426 for info to do a 15-minute phone screening.

Be Inspired — Give Life!


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