16 Months In…

It has been a few months since I have published anything on this blog. However, I have been publishing links to other people who are looking for a donor on my Facebook page. Have you been checking them out?

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing those posts! You never know who might see one of these posts! Beautiful things can happen!

On the home front, It has been 16 months since my transplant!

Things are settling down a bit with my medications after last summer. When my mother passed, my immune system was completely out of whack! Things straightened themselves out but over the past complete of weeks, my anti-rejection med level had dropped. My stomach would get upset and that was affecting my labs. It seems that after a lifetime of loving all things cheese that I have finally become semi-lactose intolerant!

No more queso or multiple slices of pizza! I can still eat yogurt and small amounts of pizza and other dairy products. But this will bring about a huge change in my diet and how I eat. Probably not a bad thing though.

Also, I haven’t been completely successful with my fitness plans and plan to start again in May. Life kept getting in the way. Like my father had surgery last month and the recovery has been slow. He was in the rehab hospital for a while and we are now trying to get back to a schedule. We will have some help too. I am sure many of you understand that as well!

Donate Life Month

The month of April has been Donate Life Month with a lot of publicity and several events to highlight awareness about organ donation.

Aren’t these lovely? Even though April is almost over, please share!

Other News…

I still have my blog: Life: The Reboot but I am starting a couple of new ventures. One is a new blog: Tales of the Rebooted Realigned Mom MD. When I started Life: The Reboot, I wanted to talk about my life — Health, Travel, Food, Fitness. I am a physician and I had planned to talk about health issues too. But I ended up focusing more on self-help. So I am going to keep that going on that blog but the new blog is going to be closer to my first vision. I also want to utilize Facebook Live and Instagram stories — I want my readers to know me!

I will let you know when my new blog goes live!

I still have journals and planners published on Amazon — please check them out!

This is a sample of some of the journals/planners on my Amazon page.

I am also going to try to publish on the blog more often!

Stay tuned and have a wonderful day!


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